Barista Brain 9-Cup Coffee Maker

Perfect coffee, brewed at the push of a button

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Perfect coffee, brewed at the push of a button

We designed the Barista Brain to regulate brew time, water temperature and volume, the three variables that can make or break a pot of coffee. Simply add water and ground coffee and select the number of cups to brew — the machine will handle the rest, giving you perfect coffee every time. Note: Voltage is 120V/60Hz

  • Microprocessor-controlled brew cycle produces 2-9 cups of perfect coffee
  • Backlit screen and one-dial interface accesses coffee/tea cup selection, 24-hour programmable brew-start, freshness timer, and more
  • Single-serve setting lets you easily make one mug
  • Water temperature is precisely heated and held at the perfect temperature for coffee (197.6-204.8F) throughout the entire brew cycle
  • Pump distributes water over coffee grounds in timed cycles for optimal flavor extraction
  • Basket shape ensures grounds bed is sized for full flavor extraction
  • Carafe provides a comfortable, non-slip grip for controlled, easy pouring
  • Double-walled carafe keeps your brew hot and fresh
  • Coffee is blended thoroughly as it is brewed into the carafe so the first sip is as delicious as the last
  • 1 coffee scoop & 10 filters included