At Airis, we have several strict standards that form the foundation of our overall operations. In fact, we consider them to be sacrosanct when it comes to choosing the coffees we offer and adopting the business practices we follow.

First, our coffees must “WOW” you. Quite simply, we don’t consider “satisfactory” or “okay” to be acceptable. Since we want to make a lasting impression on you, our coffee has to always be exceptional — so much so that,if you don’t crave a second cup of Airis during a single sitting, we believe we’ve let you down.

Our search for great coffees starts either at the point of origin or with the solid relationships we’ve developed with importers and farmer/co-op representatives during our 40 years in the industry. From our travels and contacts we derive hundreds of samples of the highest grades of unroasted present-crop coffees. Our next step is to roast each sample and then conduct rigorous testing and cupping of each coffee to determine the final selections — an exacting process that occurs continuously throughout the year.

Second, we place the utmost importance on sustainability and traceability. The founders of Airis are environmental-science majors. Accordingly, it is engrained in our beliefs and mission statement that we choose coffees grown on farms which respect the environment, refrain from pesticide use and preserve the landscape’s natural order. Furthermore — since we believe our purchases can help make a huge difference in people’s lives— we ensure that we are able to trace every coffee bean back to the source farm or co-op.

Quite simply, over 11 million families worldwide rely on the commodity of coffee to support their families and communities; as such, it is our corporate obligation to make socially responsible purchases.

Finally, our coffee offerings must showcase a full range of flavors and aromas. Respected musicians methodically plan each song on an album to guide listeners on a musical journey. And at Airis, that’s precisely the approach we take to roasting coffee.

Specifically, we believe each coffee fills a particular role. Coffee has a wide range of flavors, aromas and body — and we want the breadth of Airis offerings to exhaustively showcase them all. In fact, we encourage you to sign up for our roaster’s pick subscriptions so you can fully appreciate the extent of coffee varieties.

We look forward to taking you on our travels and into our roasting lab to further share with you our processes and philosophies. And make sure you read our blog and follow us on Facebook!